Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I am addicted to this woman!

Yes, its true. This woman's website I cant get enough of. She is hilarious, interesting, and has the nerve to say things on her blog that I only wish I could say out loud!


You must go and appreciate some of her humor. Start with her "About me" page and then you will have an idea of where she is coming from.
This is especially interesting for Mothers.


Jessica said...

haisley has been addicted to her for years! y'all should email about it!

grizaham said...

i will admit, i didn't not look at the website but its letter content leads me to believe it is an admirable place to spend hours staring at into digital space..

LG said...

ERik .. what is that nonsense? I dont even know what you are tryin to say HA

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