Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GMail Goes IMAP

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! This is GREAT news! Internet Guru Kevin (who is private and doesn't like me talking about him on the blog... sorry Kev) sent me a great article this morning. He is a computer expert who is always in the know with computer stuff, and always alerts me which I love!
IMAP for those who don't know, is a way to keep your email in sync on your phone, computer etc and thus far was only offered to Yahoo Premium members. You can read all about it at:
Gmail Article
and while i am talking about email clients I will just say Hotmail/MSN is terrible. UGH Don't use it! They have no POP access.
If you need a full list of why Gmail is superior I can send you one, but for now here is one great reason:
Picasa (the photo sharing ) is awesome and does not allow the people you send your albums to, to sign in before viewing. They also will give you html code to paste slideshows of that album on your blog or myspace etc. If one more person sends me a KODAK album I am gonna lose it. HA

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