Monday, October 1, 2007

****Girl Talk****

This weekend at DO's Party Liz turned me onto some new music. I am NEVER one to promote anything from a DJ or techno, but somehow lately I have been liking that stuff more. Liz is into this dude who calls himself " Girl Talk" HA and he is awesome. In his real life/day job he is some sort of engineer but at night he is a super popular mash up artist.
Check it out:

Also (another lead from Liz) An interview with Mr Girltalk

Thanks Liz. Scott (Terry) I will be sending you a CD because I thikn you will love this stuff! I didnt have time to stick it in the box with Matt's stuff today but I will get it to you pronto promise!!


grizaham said...

the 50cent song is kool. war titans.

Lizzy said...

So glad you love GIRL TALK! I am obsessed. His Night Ripper cd is pretty hard to find, but you can probably find it in Nashville somewhere. If you can't find it, I'll burn it and mail it to you.

LG said...

Which CD did you give me at the party?

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