Saturday, October 13, 2007

Get OVER yourself Kanye...

You may as well because WE are over you!
Last night Kanye West graced Nashville with his presence at a Concert at Vanderbilt University. There were So many things wrong with this concert, I don't even know where to start.
I have never liked Kanye's personality or his Politics, but I do think he is a lyrical genius. He wrote his 1st big hit (Through the Wire) after having that terrible car accident and his jaw was wired shut, and he also loves Jesus. So I was down with Kanye (before last night) and I love his new Song "Stronger". I think it was genius that he collaborated with Daft Punk and put them in the mainstream spotlight.

But last night, He was so cool and tough that he kept us waiting over 2 HOURS for him to come onto the stage. That infuriated me. Especially because, once he finally did come on stage, he made no apologies for keeping us waiting, and he certainly didn't make up for it with a good performance. I imagine that when he got there, they realized his head was to big to fit through any of the doors so they spent that 2 + hours deflating it and trying to get him inside. The show was WEAK, just terrible. All he did was bounce around and what seemed like yell into the microphone. The acoustics were terrible so that wasn't helping him any. All you could really here was bass, one backup singer screaming, and him yelling. There as no flow. The lights were... basic...the song choice was mediocre and the atmosphere was awful.
There were many high school age kids there, and because this was a dry event there were quite a few college kids that came pre-loaded. Next to us, we had some blonde chick who was either lost and confused or too drunk to realize that this was Kanye, not Widespread Panic. The dances she was doing were.... oh so interesting and lets just say she took up a lot of space.
Beyond all of that, there were venue issues, such as an hour long will call line, benches, not seats which provide no back support for the 2+ hours of waiting for King Kanye, the only refreshments being served were at the bottom level and i was dying of thirst b/c I ate some of my dad's beef jerky before we got there, but as thirsty as I was, I was not willing to battle the stairs again and all those flights for a sprite that I imagine would have cost $8.
Oh yeah, and another weird thing was that GUSTER is who opened for Kanye. Courtney ( who was with Erik & I for all this) said she read in Rolling Stone that Kanye wants to be considered a "Rock Star" not a "Rap Star" so maybe this was why he let Guster open for him? It was still odd. Perhaps someone should inform him that "Rock Stars" can actually play instruments!!

Anyway, that was the end of my love for Kanye. Just thought I would share so that you guys didn't waste the time or money if he comes to your town.


grizaham said...

Guster is the bomb. They were the highlight of the night. And I don't think "Kanye" let Guster open for them i think Guster let Kanye play after them. Guster is bigger than Kanye.
P.S. White Castle is no Krystals!
War Eagle.

Courtney said...

gah! you just summed it all up! and erik is right guster was the highlight and they werent anything to write home about.

ps...tell erik i enjoyed one of his bacon cheeseburgers. hope he enjoyed my cheeseburger!

Keva said...

"He also loves Jesus"

Matthew 7:21. Saying you love and loving are two seperate things. Don't know Kanye personally, so won't comment on his life, but let's all get over this idea that loving Jesus means you claim to love him.


Marty said...

Now THAT was a long-winded diatribe LCG. But i dont blame u for feeling that way. Most music today is garbage and witnessing that garbage in person makes these dreamy, studio reliant so-called artists reveal their true talent, or lack thereof.. Me personally though, I celebrate Kanye's entire collection.. ha!

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