Sunday, October 28, 2007

The End of VooDoo Festival

Today we walked down to Canal St. and had some cajun food and shopped around the flea market. The weather is beautiful down here right now.

After all of that we came back to the hotel and got ready for the Festival. Tonight was really nice b/c it was less crowded. We saw The Black Crowes who were AWESOME.
I have never liked their music much but they are amazing performers. Chris Robinson is so funny. He dances around a lot like a girl, but you can tell he is into what he is doing and that makes a difference!
We also saw Common, who I like a lot b/c of his work with Eryka Badu. After Common was WILCO, also a great band.
I ran into some more friends today; Keela Britton from AU, and Shay Click & Guy from the Ham.
Overall, I have to say VooDoo fest needs some work. There was hardly adequate trash cans, and NO recycling cans at all, which is totally irresponsible in a crowd this large. The bathrooms were not spread out well and there were not enough so those got really gross! People love to throw up down here in New Orleans. Completely disgusting! I can handle a lot of things but dodging puke ... I cant do it without gagging. UGH
Despite the nastiness we did have a really great time! I thought I had lost my love for New Orleans when Erik & I were here for the Sugar Bowl, but I still love it here.. the atmosphere, the food, the cajun accent etc.. We never felt scared or in danger either so we had a really good trip down here!

Now tomorrow we fly home and see the dogchildren! I cant wait! Ralphie will probably not even be speaking to me for leaving him behind. I also have massive amounts of ebay packages to ship and 4 cases of Juicy that came in while we were gone so... I shall be rather busy when we get home! Hopefully I will still have time ( and energy) for blogs!
I have been really tired lately... which is NOT normal for me. I dont take naps or sleep much and I am always on the go... and since last week I have taken a 2 hour nap each day.. which is odd and makes me think something is wrong! However last time this year I was really tired a lot and terrified that it was b/c I was pregnant but that was a false alarm! ha so maybe its something seasonal.. who knows..


Marshall said...


LG said...

absolutely not!! Don't go startin any rumors HA

grizaham said...

Never heard WILCO before but after last night i will hear them again! War WILCO.

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