Thursday, October 25, 2007

Doesn't She look Comfy?

Well I can assure you she was! This lady pictured above, got in her seat spread all out and then proceeded to lean her seat back as far as it would go till it was resting on my knee caps, and she kept it that way the duration of the flight, as did her husband so that me & that captain dude you see pictures were all boxed in. We could barely read a magazine it was so squanchy. People like her always amaze me... how oblivious or unconcerned they are with other people around them.. Little did she know she was gonna be photoed droolin all over herself and blogged about to the masses! That'll show her! HA

The man flight attendant had the strangest version of a mustache... and i totally would show it to you but he wouldn't stand still long enough for me to capture it on the iphone and ya'll know erikhead gets embarrassed for me to ask strangers for favors. HA

So we are here, safe, sound & Hungry in the N.O.!! Erik is snoozing since he hasn't slept since 5pm yesterday afternoon (he worked last night). As usual he found us the perfect hotel room in a little Bed & Breakfast in the quarter. (pictures soon as he wakes up :)

and Shay has texted me that she will be here for VooDoo as well so this weekend is shaping up to be awesome!

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