Sunday, October 21, 2007

$10 or a New TREE?

This weekend, Erik and I decided to be productive and do some things in the yard. I picked up tons of mulch at Lowe's (which has left my car smelling JUST LIKE famaldahyde..) does anyone know why it smells like that? Its NASTY.
Anyway, after doing my part ( the purchasing) I leave Erik in the yard to put out the mulch. He comes inside saying he needs a tree for the side of the house and that he and Stevie are taking the red truck around the block to look at trees. I am inside on the phone with AT&T (who over charged us on our bill and that usually takes me 30 minutes to explain the error to them... or shall I say 30 mins for them to understand...) ANYWAY... they leave for the store.
Well, Erik tries to call me from the store and I am still on the phone with AT&T so I didn't click over and next thing you know he is home with a new tree.. But not just any tree.. a tree that costs $160 !!!!
Is it made of gold you ask? No it isn't...
Does it grow money you ask? Not that I can tell
Then why the H is the tree costing $160.....? I have NO idea.. but I do know that if I had let AT&T keep that $10, then the $160.00 tree not made out of gold, would still be at Johnson Landscaping... but since I didn't click over Erik says he had no one to consult with and had to make the executive decision.
Feast your eyes on this new tree:


Bev said...

I was expecting something really big...what kind of tree is that?

tiny e said...

Seriously, what was E thinking? Take the tree back and get a compacta or something! Y'all don't need to plant big trees right next to the house! LOL

LG said...

Ha, well it really does serve a purpose. We have an Erosion problem.

Momma - the tag says "Foster's Holly" tree..

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