Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week In Review....

Tonight was the season opener for Predators Hockey Season. We took Stevie and he seemed to be glad to be there, although I think he enjoyed the food and talking more than the game! HA

He has been studying his States and Capitals all week. He and Erik have probably reviewed them for about 15 hours this week! Then THANK YOU MAMMA .. My mom found songs singing all the states and capitals online, which I promptly purchased and it seems to be doing the trick. He got his progress report this week and has done really well in most everything...

Tomorrow Erik & I leave for NYC to celebrate Juliel's birthday! Should be a fun weekend.
Uncle Louie has the dog children again! He had to give Ralphie a shot in the butt for his nerves b/c he did NOt want his momma to leave him!

Next Blog post will be from New york !! Hooray!! China town is calling my name for SURE!!

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Lindsey said... you've inspired me! I've stared a blog! Yippee!! Here is our blog address:

Don't laugh---I'm just getting started. Maybe you can help a sister out with some ways to spice it up! Have fun in NYC!

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