Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Steven LOVES homework

and I have come to realize that I don't remember a thing from the 5th Grade.. His math homework was all about "Estimating" .. great now what the HECK is estimating? I gotta find a tutor asap b/c my fumbling through teaching myself and him at the same time probably only confuses him more!
He is a complete WHIZ at reading and spelling. He makes A's and 100's on everything in that subject.. which is great! Maybe he can start proof-reading my blogs!
All of my teacher friends who read this, if you know anything about 5th grade math holla at me.

I have also discovered that Erik has quite a passion for teaching and school work. I never knew this about him, but no matter what he says, I think he looks forward to Stevie's homework and helping him and teaching him. Its pretty cute!


grizaham said...

Yes, this estimating doesn't belong in mathematics. Math is a perfect language with no room for guessing.

Susannah said...

Well, you call auntie sus the teacher and I'll tell you all about estimating-it's an educated guess, or rounding. It's very handy for the kids to learn because it helps them later with real world situations. :)

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