Thursday, September 13, 2007

Put a little God in your day!!

While I just did a post on Podcasts, I did leave off an important one, so I decided to do a seperate post and elaborate. My friend Trevor (from Church camp in 1997) commented about some great podcast sermons. I have a favorite preacher on podcast as well. His name is Lance Sawyer and he is originally from Monroeville and without a doubt the BEST preacher I have ever heard!
Days fill up, time goes by, and you might find yourself not making time for God each day.. It happens to me quite often and i have found some resolutions to make sure that I have time with him everyday. Since I am ALWAYS on this computer, this is where God and I meet each day.
May I recommend the following:
This is an email subscription for your daily devotional girls. Very nice to have.
Here is a link to Lance's church and his sermons. All are free downloads.

and then just as Trevor suggested you can go on iTunes and in the search window type "Mars Hill Church" and you will get several results for Pastor Mark Driscoll's sermon subscriptions..

Its very uplifting to be riding down the road (or sitting still in traffic) and listen to something pleasant, upbeat and enriching... you should all try it!

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grizaham said...

Lance is the best! I agree!

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