Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New School Clothes!!

If you cant tell from their facial expressions, Ralphie and Flossie are SO excited about their new school outfits!! When we were school shopping for Stevie some new clothes the dogchildren had to get some school clothes as well so they wouldn't feel left out!
Ralphie likes more of a preppy look, while Floss prefers the hippie look. She keeps trying to grow her hair out in dread locks, and I keep having to cut them out b.c she is not a fan of the brushing....

In other news, the Griza's head down south to Birmingham Thursday night to get some long overdue ( 3 months) haircuts!! Thanks Matt!!
Then Friday- Sunday we will join our War Eaglish friends in Auburn for some gametime. Doggles are coming along on the trip so they can see all their old pals.

My Nonnie (read: grandmother),(she is too young looking to be called "granny" so we call her Nonnie) anyway, Nonie would like all of our readers to know that I did in fact receeve a colluge educashion and that my errers in grammer and punctuation are from lazyness rather than ignerance... So just for kicks, I am informing everyone that I do know some of the words I type dont actually exist, I make them up... for fun and stuff and since this isnt a book report I dont pay much attention to my errors or all the red squiggly lines. HA but for my Nonie I will try harder!

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