Thursday, September 13, 2007

My New Thing..

Recently, I have become a BIG fan of podcasts... for those of you who don't know what that is, its basically talk radio that you can download for FREE onto your Ipod and listen to whenever, wherever. They really make sitting in traffic, or long drives less painful because they are engaging your mind, and depending on what you are listening to, can be pretty educational as well.

So if you haven't taken advantage of this free service, you totally should do it now! My current favorites are:

The typical MAC user (great tips and news for mac users)
Today in iPhone (all about the iphone)
Sunshine Daydream ( live narrated recordings of the Grateful dead in concert)
Coffee Break Spanish ( teaches you spanish) Thanks Marsh.. Good lookin out!


Keva said...

Try the podcast to Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Marc Driscoll is the Pastor. Not your typical sermons. They are great (especially on long commutes.)

This is Trev, not Keva, by the way.

elle g said...

LOL I was gonna send you a sermon podcast too! Lance Sawyer .. he is awesome and not your typical pastor either!

grizaham said...

i think podcasts are very neat. i have heard the iphone one and it is funny and very informative!

Queen Bee said...

i know you can download these easily, but i want to learn how to create one. have you figured out how to do this yet?

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