Friday, September 7, 2007

It's been 3 MONTHS since our last Hair Cut...


We held out on purpose because I have the most lovely hairdresser in all the land. His name is Matt (so from now on, when I refer to Matt on my blog you know that is Matt The Hairstylist becase we are also good friends) and it took me years to find this perfect stylist so no way is our move to Nashville going to change who does my hair. Erik has not had a haircut since Memorial Day (when Matt & Scott came to viist) and he had this interesting bumble of hair resembling a mullet.
So, on our way to Auburn we stopped in Birmingham to pay Matt a visit at his new salon MOP. It was about a 3 hour visit b/c he had to do so much damage control on our long over due hairs. Erik was there for the duration which was good because he never understands why girls have to pay so much for their hair and He got to see first hand the labor intensive artwork that Matt always performs on me! He also got a makeover for himself! Melissa (the salon owner) is an brow expert and worked on mine for me. Erik passed on that service
Here are some before (during)and after pics for your enjoyment!!


If any of my readers are interested in a perfect hair style, you can contact Matt Hill at MOP in Homewood, AL


Mike said...

Your hair looks really good. sorry Auburn did not look as good.

elle g said...

HOORAY dad finally leaves a comment

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