Thursday, September 27, 2007

Babies on the way!

Now we are just waiting on
Baby Stovie (Kathy's & Mike's baby boy)
Baby MacLean ( Jenni & Kenny's baby boy)
Baby Harris ( Jessica & Ashley's baby Girl)11/22
Baby Parker (Tabitha & Grants Baby Boy) 2/1
And recently
Kristi Poltrack had a baby girl - Payton 7/24
Nikki Barnett had a baby girl - Caroline Montgomery 9/21
Lindsey Couch Douglas had a baby girl - Harper Jane 8/27
Cousin Karrissa had a baby girl - Caitlyn Elisabeth 9/28
Cousin Ashley had a baby boy -
Matt & Maggi had a baby boy - Mitchell Luke 10/1
Emily & Kevin had a baby girl - Kirkland Frances 9/28
So basically everyone we know was pregant this summer! There are 2 more not even on this list! LOTS OF BABIES


grizaham said...

Congrats to all the baby's mommas!

Atlanta Kinleys said...

so when is the graham baby on the way?...emily is at 9cm at 6am...pushing soon.

elle g said...

well, depending on what Emily says about child birth, I may just stick with dog children.....

Lindsey said...

labor is not bad as long as you have a good anaesthesiologist!!!

Queen Bee said...

So, when are you going to join us?? the epidural is God's gift to medicine!!!!

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