Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Juliel!!!!


Erik & I had a great flight on JETBLUE to NYC today to see Julie! They have satellite Tv on small Tv's at EACH seat so you can change the channel and watch whatever you want! We got here around 3 and met Julie at her apartment. She was not kiddin about this place being small. Everything in it is like miniature! HA We walked around town and looked at her school. My total shopping for the day was $4.00! I got a $2 Flower shaped paperclip for my daytimer and a $2 Peace Sign Button for my bag! Then we went and got some groceries (which we had to carry 4 blocks!!!)
Now we are at her apartment and just finished opening gifts. Julie saved all her cards etc to open today and she got some great stuff. Like her Bro... She got an iPhone from All of us and Lu and we are currently setting that up for her! Her old phone was about 50 years old and duct taped together so I am SO glad she is getting a new phone that will actually work!
Ralphie got her a new pair of slippers and Flossie got her some pocket sized tissues... both gifts which they will probably take back and chew up at some point ....

Here are some pics to enjoy of Julie opening her presents and these precious little cakes her roomates bought her! The detail on them is amazing...


grizaham said...

I believe it was I that carried the groceries 4 blocks! :) Yeah, another couple of iPhones in the family. Lu, you next..

Julie said...

Welcome to my life! I have to do that like every dang week.

Ya'll are so sweet. I had a GREAT birthday and am thoroughly enjoying my iPhone!!!

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