Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Love Cabo!!

We are all here and having a blast in Cabo! I somehow deleted my yesterday's entry :(
Anyway we have been eating ALOT ha . Last night was the Mexican Fiesta by the pool night so we all went to that and had alot of yummy food and entertainment!
We have made some San Diego friends along the way and they had to go home yesterday... but they were so sweet to leave us with all their snacks and their dinner cruise voucher!! So Diane I hope you guys are reading the blog! ha
The coolest coolest COOLEST thing here (to me) is that they have these wild animals by the pool and you can HOLD them and take your picture with them (for a small fee) HA well day 1 they had a baby Lion and i snuggled him right up and had our picture made. Then Yesterday the had a baby Jaguar!! I really had to beg Erik to let me take another pic. He said no more pics for the rest of the week even if they show up with a kangaroo tomorrow! ha But when in your life will you ever get to actually hold these animals? The Canadians we met in the hot tub were very upset about it saying it was animal cruelty?
Ok so now I am being scolded for being on the computer! I must go.. here are some pics.


Lizzy said...

So cool! I want to hold a baby lion!!

grizaham said...

Well, those Mexicans take adavantage of the wildlife and their own childrens!!

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