Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today for the time share presentation!

So today, We finally gave in to the time share presentation and we actually had a great time! Everyone has me ask for the things we want (probably b/c I am so bossy!) so I told the guy we would go if we got
- a free breakfast buffet for all 5 of us
- 3 free cab rides
- a mexican blanket
- $60 USD (to refund us for a boat tour earlier in the week)
- $200 USD towards drink or food at any of their 3 resorts
- oh and a free dinner boat sunset cruise for all 5 of us as well.

So We went. We saw. We loved!! (Diane we may be joining you at the Pueblo Bonita Sunset). We had a great time looking at a lot of fun nice rooms, then we took all our free money and hung out at a much nicer resort that we are staying at (Pueblo Bonita Blanco) and had some great free food and drink all day long. We also invested in some fun souvenirs. I made my own tie dye Cabo Tank top and we got a lemon wood box and a wrestler's mask for Zachery ( the neighbors child) they watch our mail etc when we are gone.
In resort gossip - the drunk lady went to an AA meeting yesterday and went home early today. Her friend said she was sober until this trip then relapsed and called this friend out to help her. I guess that makes it somewhat better as I was very curious how she was allowed to take her precious daughter out of the country in that condition. Ken painted Skye's (the child's) fingernails and toenails for her birthday in bright pink and she swam with the dolphins so she had a great day yesterday.
All in all we had a great day today, with great weather, and are home early due to Erik and Julie being struck by the mexican Flu. Steven had it yesterday so I guess Lu and I will be sick tomorrow. Rah.
PS... Grandpa and Gloria .. do not worry about us.. we are in CABO which is on the western side of Mexico and not in Dean's Path!! love you guys!!
Oh yes and I forgot to mention that I am forcefully being taught Spanish by the computer as everything on here is in spanish and i dont know what buttons to push! ha
asta manana

Nu estra familia en ferma

and an image from our view today at the nicer hotel!

adios amigos


SD Woodys said...

hey laura its moorea from the sd woodies. i am so glad that he drunk mom left and that skye had an awesome bday. u better buy a place at pueblo bonita at sunst cuz i mis y guys lots. how are theose three hot guys that u went and talked to???
well love ya all.

grizaham said...

Well we are back. That trip rocked. We be back soon!

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