Friday, August 10, 2007

My New Store

Soon, and very soon, I will be launching my online store. Ebay aka FEEbay has done me well, July was my highest month of sales so far and I have exceeded my goal!! So as long as I continue to do well, this will be my form of employment. Hooray me!
Over the Summer I have been working toward transitioning from eBay to my own online boutique. Lucky for me I have some very talented, professional, and kind friends to help me out along the way..
Jessica Chapman, my big sis from KKG is also a designer and has been doing some beautiful creative things for me in the logo department.
Rachel Davis (soon to be Cone) is helping me with all the words. As you all have probably guessed I dont give 2 hoots about grammer, punctuation, or spelling.
Erik's dad once told me (after he knew me for a while) that he used to think I was a drunk b/c all of my emails were so full of error. HA,
and just just when you all were learning to read Lauraspeak, I go and bring in a professional! Rachel is a writer in Jacksonville, FL and a good friend from High School.
I still have many things to learn but, slowly and surely am making some steps toward the launch! I will post all the details when it become official!
Feedback is always welcome!


Jessica said...

that logo is fabulous!

elle g said...

no doubt!!

Queen Bee said...

you go girl! glad to hear that your ebay biz is doing so well that you can now open your own online boutique!!! way cool!

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