Thursday, August 2, 2007

I heart China Town, USA!!!!

Today is Day 1 of our Chicago Trip. The flight was great, our hotel is awesome and we talked them into letting us check in at 9am instead of 3pm. Erik is a great trip planner and investigates the hotels and I am always pleasantly surprised. We pretty much went straight to Wrigleyville to the Cubs Game. It was HOT HOT HOT but we had fun. Baseball Games are very long (just so you know).
After the game, I talked Erik into going to China town. I have always been fascinated with Asian people and culture but that was intensified the day I figured out that Chinatown , Anywhere USA = the Mecca of all things knock-off !!
"You like da nice handbag? Please let me show you.... " And Chinatown , Chicago has nothing on NYC but I did have a nice time and found a beautiful Silver D&G Bag, and some Chanel Sunglasses and some $5 LV Flip Flops! ha It was great fun !! (for me, not so much for Erik)
Then we had a tasty dinner at a Vietnamese Restuarant called "The Noodle"! Now we are very sleepy and tired from the getting up at dawn and walking all day! Tomorrow Lallapalooza!!
OH AND, one of my most favorite people. Perez Hilton - The Gossip Gangster Queen of Media is throwing an after party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago tomorrow night and ERik and I will be there with bells on and I am not leavin till Perez takes his pic with me!!


Courtney said...

where's my handbag?!?

grizaham said...

Dude. Perez totally ditched us! We will get him some day!

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