Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hola Amigos e Las Familia!!

That phrase may not make any sense. I like to pretend I speak spanish...
WE are VERY tired tonight and getting ready to go to town and have some dinner. Today we took a boat taxi over to Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach. We swam in the ocean pretty much all day today and i had another small drowning incident where basically the waves slung me around by my hair for a good 5 minutes... it was pretty rough. The undertow is very strong. Steven said this is b/c I am a novice wave jammer. He spends pretty much all day every day in the water..either the pool or the ocean! I had to take a nap after all the wave riding b/c it really does just wear you out!
No animals by the pool today. :( Diane... the Canadian is still here, and still VERY hairy.. ha There is also kind of a new couple by the pool and the girl is my age and very attractive and very obviously anorexic and then her boyfriend is about 55 and bald Just so you call know Diane is our friend from the beginning of our trip and she was here to witness all the interesting people down by the pool, one of which is this really drunk mother who looks like courtney love before she lost all the weight and her little girl is 4 i think and as beautiful as a little doll and the mom just ties one on all day and passes out in her chair then the Canadians keep care of her the rest of the day. Its pathetic. The Canadian is also very opinionated and as hairy as a bear..no joke! Perhaps I will take some pics of him to show you all tomorrow!
Well here are some pics for your enjoyment!!


SD Woodys said...

The pictures are fantastic. The waves are still pretty overwhelming. It looks like the weather is still nice but wondered if Hurricane Dean remnants will stray to Cabo. Sorry to hear that the Ske (the 4 yr. old) is still being cared fro by Ken (the Canadian!!). Missing you guys. We sure enjoyed meeting you and spending our pool time together. LOL from San Diego...Go Padres!
Diane, Greg and Moorea

Courtney said...

awww im sooo jealous! miss you guys! xoxo

grizaham said...

Yeah those waves rocked! The undertow was nothing like i have been in before! Very sweet! War cabo!

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