Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Flossie is one HOT MOMMA!!!!

I mean literally, my poor dog child is in HEAT!! I have never experienced this before, or I guess since I have been old enough to understand all the details. It all started about a 2 weeks ago when I noticed Ralphie having a special interest in Floss ( who is technically his sister because he had some bad genes and was fixed).. So before we went to Chicago we took the dog children to Uncle Louie's to stay and I asked Uncle Louie about this new interest and if he thought Flossie was in heat and he took a look and said YES OH YEAH she is .. and i said well how long does this last? and he said ABOUT 24 DAYS!! poor little floss...
Still, I am thinking oh no problem because Flossie is a very clean little puppy.Louie assured me she was fine and not bothered by Ralphie and so all was good UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!

WOAH WOAH WOAH.. I was getting up to go outside and I see my children behind the couch with a look on their face like they were in trouble so I stopped and said "What are you guys up to back here.." (thinking you know.. max damage was some garbage they were chewing up).. well not exactly.. they were CONNECTED. It was just absolutely horrifying for so many reason, but mostly mystifying because Ralphie is fixed...I didnt think this type of thing was possible. I am screaming , Erik is jumping up to look and confused about why they are rear to rear and I call my dad in a panic. He is an expert on everything so he explains this is called "hooked" and that flossie was not harmed and that she has to "ask" for this by standing in a certain position so Ralphie was not exactly violating her, and that they would eventually become unhooked just to calm down and leave them alone. Then he remembers that Ralphers is fixed and he wonders.. hmm how did this happen.

Still much confusion over the inccident but I have recovered. I will keep you all posted on if my flossie baby is pregars.

Uncle Louie call me!!! HA Ralphie wont stop!!


Queen Bee said...

that is crazy!!! i have never seen a dog in heat!!!

grizaham said...

Babe. When ralph was fixed only part of him was cut and it just so happened it was not the part that extends or feels pleasure. Go Ralph!

Atlanta Kinleys said...

where are the pictures of the "hook"???

Lindsey said...

Laura, I love reading your is the highlight of my bedresting days!!! Now having said that, today's blog was hysterical!

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