Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chicago Sight Seeing Stuff

I ran out of time (and energy) to blog on our trip.. Even though I am still 21 in my mind, my body reminded me each day that was no longer 21. Erik had to about force me out of bed some mornings I was so exhausted from all that walking ! Erik also had a blister on the bottom of his foot the size of nantucket so neither of us was loving all the exercise!

For our sightseeing we went to The Sears Tower, where some child threw up next to us in line! All in all it was pretty boring like a 45 minute wait for a 5 minute view of tall buildings. We did get to smash pennies though!

we also went to the Navy Pier which was a neat spot and I discovered a new favorite place THE GLITTER STAND! A small kiosk where they have buckets of glitter and glamour and you are allowed to glitter things like stickers, letters, headbands, pens, etc and it was cheap! $2-$4!!

While we were there we rode this big swing ride thingy. I would have been awesome fun had Erik not talked the entire time about how we were gonna fall, were too heavy for the swing and it was gonna break and sling us into the pavement etc.. so by the time it ended we were both relieved and yet again quite sure we dont like rides anymore ( HOW DID THIS HAPPEN@@#$%^&*O)

We saw that cool Silver Bean thing!

We spend some time on the Magnificent Mile ( LOVE IT!!)
and Lots and LOTS of pizza!!


grizaham said...

Well i didn't really realize that you hated the Sears Tower! I thought it was great babe! haha And i loved the dead dish pizza especially the one with the sauce on top!!

Courtney said...

wow it looks like yall had a blast! i cant wait to hear more about it. oh and i laughed out loud at the part about erik ruining the ride by being a debbie downer! ha!

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