Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank You!!

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So lately, I have been meaning to Thank many people for many things!

First, Thank you to Uncle Louie. Uncle Louie is actually DR. Uncle Louie. He has an office - GRAHAM ANIMAL CLINIC- in Hendersonville, TN. Uncle Louie keeps my terrible spoiled fluffy puppies when we do all this traveling you read about. Everyone working there is super nice and patient as we terrorize them with shenanigans such as Ralphie getting lost in the office for 15 minutes (b/c he is HIDING FROM US) , or as Flossie peeing everywhere and barking nonstop, fighting with all their might not to have to bathe, etc...
Stevie was SO proud when he saw GRAHAM on the sign there. It was funny. He was very impressed with you Uncle Louie!! Thanks for being so awesome!
Ralphie's got a new trick to show you next time he is there. wink wink :)

Second, Thank you to all our sweet fun friends for coming over to Erik's Birthday Cookout. It was on a week night, which I know is difficult for everyone, but his faithful friends all came and hung out for a bit and he was SO pleased with himself about the number of attendees as well as the number of birthday cards he got!!

Third, thanks LINDSEY for leaving a comment! That made my day, FINALLY someone leaves a comment! Nikki rocks at that as well. 2 pregnant AU women!! War Eagle That! Erik was very pleased about this as well! Cary Jenkins is holding in down for the hoochie mom club!! Thanks Miss Jankins!!Dad.. where are your comments? You are sooo not shy...


grizaham said...

Comments make the world work.

Courtney said...

um, i leave you comments and i get no recognition? i'm upset now.

Lindsey said...

Yes!! I made the blog!! I feel so special!

I am sad that you didn't meet Perez. I would love to meet him!

Also I am living vicariously through you and your travels. Bedrest is rather confining.

Queen Bee said...

thanks for the shout out!!! i really do hate that you didn't meet Perez! that would be very cool to meet him!

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