Monday, August 27, 2007

WOAH.. Bet you have never heard of THIS before!!

I guess Dad was right... I do have the craziest Dog children in the world. When we came back from Mexico my Flossie was no longer in heat...however she does have Boobs!! Which is really weird.. I am gonna have to post a picture so that you get the full idea.(sorry momma)

So today when I was talking to Emily on the phone she says her female dog does not get these and that maybe she really is pregnant. But Dad has done the research and he says this is probably a "false labor" where she thinks she is pregnant and starts nesting and carrying around small toys like they are her babies... she can even produce milk. and have a "distended abdomen".. this is nuts i tell ya!! Who knew doggies could be so entertaining...
poor poor flossie...
Ralphie has been biting his paws all week, which he has never done in his life.. so i guess he is pretty nervous over the idea of being a father..perhaps I wont tell him its just a pretend pregnancy... just so he learns his lesson!

Uncle Louie.. care to weigh in on this?

Ralphie's 1st Kill!!

Today is Ralphie's big day!! He just killed a mole in the front yard. I rarely ever let him out without the leash but he has been really bored today so I thought he could come and take the trash out with me. Right away he ran all over the yard like crazy and then he got stuck on one spot digging and carrying on and then he just started rolling on his back like crazy, so I went over to investigate and he had half a dead mole sticking out of the ground. Erik wouldn't let me take a picture for the blog but we are all quite proud, Especially Prince Ralphie!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today for the time share presentation!

So today, We finally gave in to the time share presentation and we actually had a great time! Everyone has me ask for the things we want (probably b/c I am so bossy!) so I told the guy we would go if we got
- a free breakfast buffet for all 5 of us
- 3 free cab rides
- a mexican blanket
- $60 USD (to refund us for a boat tour earlier in the week)
- $200 USD towards drink or food at any of their 3 resorts
- oh and a free dinner boat sunset cruise for all 5 of us as well.

So We went. We saw. We loved!! (Diane we may be joining you at the Pueblo Bonita Sunset). We had a great time looking at a lot of fun nice rooms, then we took all our free money and hung out at a much nicer resort that we are staying at (Pueblo Bonita Blanco) and had some great free food and drink all day long. We also invested in some fun souvenirs. I made my own tie dye Cabo Tank top and we got a lemon wood box and a wrestler's mask for Zachery ( the neighbors child) they watch our mail etc when we are gone.
In resort gossip - the drunk lady went to an AA meeting yesterday and went home early today. Her friend said she was sober until this trip then relapsed and called this friend out to help her. I guess that makes it somewhat better as I was very curious how she was allowed to take her precious daughter out of the country in that condition. Ken painted Skye's (the child's) fingernails and toenails for her birthday in bright pink and she swam with the dolphins so she had a great day yesterday.
All in all we had a great day today, with great weather, and are home early due to Erik and Julie being struck by the mexican Flu. Steven had it yesterday so I guess Lu and I will be sick tomorrow. Rah.
PS... Grandpa and Gloria .. do not worry about us.. we are in CABO which is on the western side of Mexico and not in Dean's Path!! love you guys!!
Oh yes and I forgot to mention that I am forcefully being taught Spanish by the computer as everything on here is in spanish and i dont know what buttons to push! ha
asta manana

Nu estra familia en ferma

and an image from our view today at the nicer hotel!

adios amigos

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hola Amigos e Las Familia!!

That phrase may not make any sense. I like to pretend I speak spanish...
WE are VERY tired tonight and getting ready to go to town and have some dinner. Today we took a boat taxi over to Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach. We swam in the ocean pretty much all day today and i had another small drowning incident where basically the waves slung me around by my hair for a good 5 minutes... it was pretty rough. The undertow is very strong. Steven said this is b/c I am a novice wave jammer. He spends pretty much all day every day in the water..either the pool or the ocean! I had to take a nap after all the wave riding b/c it really does just wear you out!
No animals by the pool today. :( Diane... the Canadian is still here, and still VERY hairy.. ha There is also kind of a new couple by the pool and the girl is my age and very attractive and very obviously anorexic and then her boyfriend is about 55 and bald Just so you call know Diane is our friend from the beginning of our trip and she was here to witness all the interesting people down by the pool, one of which is this really drunk mother who looks like courtney love before she lost all the weight and her little girl is 4 i think and as beautiful as a little doll and the mom just ties one on all day and passes out in her chair then the Canadians keep care of her the rest of the day. Its pathetic. The Canadian is also very opinionated and as hairy as a joke! Perhaps I will take some pics of him to show you all tomorrow!
Well here are some pics for your enjoyment!!

We Love Cabo!!

We are all here and having a blast in Cabo! I somehow deleted my yesterday's entry :(
Anyway we have been eating ALOT ha . Last night was the Mexican Fiesta by the pool night so we all went to that and had alot of yummy food and entertainment!
We have made some San Diego friends along the way and they had to go home yesterday... but they were so sweet to leave us with all their snacks and their dinner cruise voucher!! So Diane I hope you guys are reading the blog! ha
The coolest coolest COOLEST thing here (to me) is that they have these wild animals by the pool and you can HOLD them and take your picture with them (for a small fee) HA well day 1 they had a baby Lion and i snuggled him right up and had our picture made. Then Yesterday the had a baby Jaguar!! I really had to beg Erik to let me take another pic. He said no more pics for the rest of the week even if they show up with a kangaroo tomorrow! ha But when in your life will you ever get to actually hold these animals? The Canadians we met in the hot tub were very upset about it saying it was animal cruelty?
Ok so now I am being scolded for being on the computer! I must go.. here are some pics.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Rah. That means anger in a noise. Like a Human growl and I AM GROWLING. Apparently I have failed to mention on here our much awaited trip to Mexico. Erik's parents bought a trip to Mexico for the whole family forever ago b/c they had so much fun when we were all there for our wedding. Julie, Steven, Erik,Lu, & I have all arranged tons of things like work, plane tickets, school, ebay, stevie, around this trip and now at the last minute the stupid thing called Hurricane Dean just creates itself and blows the whole trip. We are scheduled to leave Saturday as in TOMORROW at 7am for Playa Del Carmen.... everything is paid for and we are packed for... now last night (Thursday Night) Julie and I are up till 2a.m. go to bed and up again at 6am to get Stevie ready for School and start again. This is a nightmare!! Our airline wont acknowledge the hurricane that is headed STRAIGHT for our destination so we get penalized for canceling, however we have decided to re-arrange our trip all together and head to CABO !! (the other, safe side of Mexico)......... So currently (9am) Julie and I are in Panera Bread b/c the internet at home keeps going out and we are trying to get flights and hotel reservations lined up last minute for a trip we plan to take in the morning! HA This is crazy but we shall pull it off.
Erik, Steven, & Lu..... Just so you know, Julie and I have decided that we are the best things to ever happen to ya'll and you dont even KNOW how lucky you are to have us women handling all the stress and detail, so once we arrive in Cabo and you guys are feeling like showing your gratitude.. ...there is this great little Tanzanite place....

it is 11 am.. we are still both on computers and cell phones in Panera Bread with no flights or hotels yet.......

and now at 5pm I can safely say we are headed to Cabo at 9:45 in the morning!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Titans Football Season has Begun!!

I know you all, Like myself, have just been on the edge of your seat waiting for Football Season to start back up! Well I have some great news for ya: TODAY IS THE DAY. Ha
We area about to brave the 100 degree weather to Kick off the 1st Tailgate for the Pre-Season opening Game.
We will have a tailgate for almost all home game and there is an evite online with directions/infor for anyone that wants to join..
See Link:


Friday, August 10, 2007

No Perezers.. Booooo

One of my all time favorite celebrities is this dude who goes by the name of Perez Hilton. He has a celebrity gossip blog online and is quite funny. I have been a fan for years and enjoyed watching him grow his website (and business) until he himself became famous.
He was in Chicago the same time we were, and I was certain we would finally meet...
Well, Many of you have asked if I got to meet him,, and the sad answer is NO.
I made reservations for us to go to the Lallapalooza After Party that he was hosting and they sent a confirmation email about how I needed to pick up our tickets before 6pm... well I never checked my email because we were at the concert so I didnt know this very important fact.. and we couldnt get in.... RAH
I did however have a very vivid dream that I bumped into Perez and his posse at a Titans Football Game and we were both bored so we hung out for hours and ate chinese food! He was awesome and fun.. ha so I guess that counts for something?


Thank You!!

Glitter Text Live -

So lately, I have been meaning to Thank many people for many things!

First, Thank you to Uncle Louie. Uncle Louie is actually DR. Uncle Louie. He has an office - GRAHAM ANIMAL CLINIC- in Hendersonville, TN. Uncle Louie keeps my terrible spoiled fluffy puppies when we do all this traveling you read about. Everyone working there is super nice and patient as we terrorize them with shenanigans such as Ralphie getting lost in the office for 15 minutes (b/c he is HIDING FROM US) , or as Flossie peeing everywhere and barking nonstop, fighting with all their might not to have to bathe, etc...
Stevie was SO proud when he saw GRAHAM on the sign there. It was funny. He was very impressed with you Uncle Louie!! Thanks for being so awesome!
Ralphie's got a new trick to show you next time he is there. wink wink :)

Second, Thank you to all our sweet fun friends for coming over to Erik's Birthday Cookout. It was on a week night, which I know is difficult for everyone, but his faithful friends all came and hung out for a bit and he was SO pleased with himself about the number of attendees as well as the number of birthday cards he got!!

Third, thanks LINDSEY for leaving a comment! That made my day, FINALLY someone leaves a comment! Nikki rocks at that as well. 2 pregnant AU women!! War Eagle That! Erik was very pleased about this as well! Cary Jenkins is holding in down for the hoochie mom club!! Thanks Miss Jankins!!Dad.. where are your comments? You are sooo not shy...

My New Store

Soon, and very soon, I will be launching my online store. Ebay aka FEEbay has done me well, July was my highest month of sales so far and I have exceeded my goal!! So as long as I continue to do well, this will be my form of employment. Hooray me!
Over the Summer I have been working toward transitioning from eBay to my own online boutique. Lucky for me I have some very talented, professional, and kind friends to help me out along the way..
Jessica Chapman, my big sis from KKG is also a designer and has been doing some beautiful creative things for me in the logo department.
Rachel Davis (soon to be Cone) is helping me with all the words. As you all have probably guessed I dont give 2 hoots about grammer, punctuation, or spelling.
Erik's dad once told me (after he knew me for a while) that he used to think I was a drunk b/c all of my emails were so full of error. HA,
and just just when you all were learning to read Lauraspeak, I go and bring in a professional! Rachel is a writer in Jacksonville, FL and a good friend from High School.
I still have many things to learn but, slowly and surely am making some steps toward the launch! I will post all the details when it become official!
Feedback is always welcome!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Flossie is one HOT MOMMA!!!!

I mean literally, my poor dog child is in HEAT!! I have never experienced this before, or I guess since I have been old enough to understand all the details. It all started about a 2 weeks ago when I noticed Ralphie having a special interest in Floss ( who is technically his sister because he had some bad genes and was fixed).. So before we went to Chicago we took the dog children to Uncle Louie's to stay and I asked Uncle Louie about this new interest and if he thought Flossie was in heat and he took a look and said YES OH YEAH she is .. and i said well how long does this last? and he said ABOUT 24 DAYS!! poor little floss...
Still, I am thinking oh no problem because Flossie is a very clean little puppy.Louie assured me she was fine and not bothered by Ralphie and so all was good UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!

WOAH WOAH WOAH.. I was getting up to go outside and I see my children behind the couch with a look on their face like they were in trouble so I stopped and said "What are you guys up to back here.." (thinking you know.. max damage was some garbage they were chewing up).. well not exactly.. they were CONNECTED. It was just absolutely horrifying for so many reason, but mostly mystifying because Ralphie is fixed...I didnt think this type of thing was possible. I am screaming , Erik is jumping up to look and confused about why they are rear to rear and I call my dad in a panic. He is an expert on everything so he explains this is called "hooked" and that flossie was not harmed and that she has to "ask" for this by standing in a certain position so Ralphie was not exactly violating her, and that they would eventually become unhooked just to calm down and leave them alone. Then he remembers that Ralphers is fixed and he wonders.. hmm how did this happen.

Still much confusion over the inccident but I have recovered. I will keep you all posted on if my flossie baby is pregars.

Uncle Louie call me!!! HA Ralphie wont stop!!

Chicago Sight Seeing Stuff

I ran out of time (and energy) to blog on our trip.. Even though I am still 21 in my mind, my body reminded me each day that was no longer 21. Erik had to about force me out of bed some mornings I was so exhausted from all that walking ! Erik also had a blister on the bottom of his foot the size of nantucket so neither of us was loving all the exercise!

For our sightseeing we went to The Sears Tower, where some child threw up next to us in line! All in all it was pretty boring like a 45 minute wait for a 5 minute view of tall buildings. We did get to smash pennies though!

we also went to the Navy Pier which was a neat spot and I discovered a new favorite place THE GLITTER STAND! A small kiosk where they have buckets of glitter and glamour and you are allowed to glitter things like stickers, letters, headbands, pens, etc and it was cheap! $2-$4!!

While we were there we rode this big swing ride thingy. I would have been awesome fun had Erik not talked the entire time about how we were gonna fall, were too heavy for the swing and it was gonna break and sling us into the pavement etc.. so by the time it ended we were both relieved and yet again quite sure we dont like rides anymore ( HOW DID THIS HAPPEN@@#$%^&*O)

We saw that cool Silver Bean thing!

We spend some time on the Magnificent Mile ( LOVE IT!!)
and Lots and LOTS of pizza!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Let your Freak Flag Fly! Day 2 Chicago @ Lollapalooza

Well we are on Day 2 now. Our first day of Lolla. It has been very interesting! The people here are fun to look at. Lots of interesting trends and lots of pretty colors of hair. They did a great job organizing this Festival. Its beautiful, and clean and neat. We got some great trinkets! A $20 free iTunes gift card with all the artists on it and this Plastic Schedules on a caribeanner so you can clip them to your bag or pants etc. Chapstick & Ear Plugs too. They have recycle stands set up everywhere and they give away prizes based on how many cups you pick up through out the day. Great way to motivate people to clean up after themselves!
Day 1 we saw : Son Volt, Ben Harper (with a guest appearance from Eddie Vedder), moe. and Daft Punk. I have always thought techno music was for people with NO taste .. but watching Daft Punk changed my mind (somewhat)They had an amazing light show and were dressed in Robot outfits the entire time which was entertaining on its own.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I heart China Town, USA!!!!

Today is Day 1 of our Chicago Trip. The flight was great, our hotel is awesome and we talked them into letting us check in at 9am instead of 3pm. Erik is a great trip planner and investigates the hotels and I am always pleasantly surprised. We pretty much went straight to Wrigleyville to the Cubs Game. It was HOT HOT HOT but we had fun. Baseball Games are very long (just so you know).
After the game, I talked Erik into going to China town. I have always been fascinated with Asian people and culture but that was intensified the day I figured out that Chinatown , Anywhere USA = the Mecca of all things knock-off !!
"You like da nice handbag? Please let me show you.... " And Chinatown , Chicago has nothing on NYC but I did have a nice time and found a beautiful Silver D&G Bag, and some Chanel Sunglasses and some $5 LV Flip Flops! ha It was great fun !! (for me, not so much for Erik)
Then we had a tasty dinner at a Vietnamese Restuarant called "The Noodle"! Now we are very sleepy and tired from the getting up at dawn and walking all day! Tomorrow Lallapalooza!!
OH AND, one of my most favorite people. Perez Hilton - The Gossip Gangster Queen of Media is throwing an after party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago tomorrow night and ERik and I will be there with bells on and I am not leavin till Perez takes his pic with me!!

Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there?#$%^&*(

I wouldnt know cause you people dont leave comments on our blog!!! I know you are reading it so leave us some chit chat dog-gone-it!!
Mamma, this even means you.. you just click that little thing at the bottom and type. You can just say one word if you want!! like "cute" ha... but you must comment.

Flossie's Soliliquey

I have NO idea how to spell that word! HA but Floss wants everyone to see her special talent. She is quite the little actress. Here is a clip of her performing a Graham Classic... Star Wars.. HA

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