Friday, July 20, 2007

Who's the Smartest Dog in all the Land?

That would be RALPHIE! I mean, I hate to disappoint you all cause I know you think your dogs are special, but The Ralphers, as Stevie would say , " is atleast 10% human" and so right he is!! Ralphie, like most humans loves all kinds of food, onions, brocalli, chicken, steak, sandwiches (right grum :) but his favorite is Watermelon. He literally will eat ANYTHING I eat. I have tested this theory time and time again. He will even eat SOUR candy! and come back for more! ha So his latest craze is pistachio nuts. He even knows how to shell them. Erik says this is no big deal, because a squirrel can shell nuts and eat them, but HOW does Ralphie know to do this? I give him the nut he cracks it in his mouth drops it all on the floor and then picks out the actual nut eats it and then comes back for more. I caught him climbing up furniture yesterday trying to steal some more! HA...

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Our two dogs are on the opposite ends of the brain spectrum. Floss is dumb as dirt. Ralph is very intelligent.

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