Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Six Flags over KY

Well, We started our KY trip by Erik waking me up at THE CRACK OF DAWN ha so that we could go to six flags right when it opened! I tried to tell him that we totally did not need 8 hours at Six Flags, but he is our trip planner so he makes those type executive decisions. So, we get to Six Flags in Louisville around 10am. RIGHT as we pull into the parking lot, Erik shares with me that the huge ride right in the entrance is the Super Man ride that cut the girls feet off a few weeks ago. Great! Now I am really excited! HA
So not too long into that $80 admission did we decide it was a huge waste of money. Not only b/c the park was pathetic, but also because we discovered that we may have out grown roller coasters! What's this you say? I know right, how can this be? Well we got light headed and dizzy and smacked around in those things till we were weak in the knees with major headaches. Finally, we decided to admit to ourselves that it was no fun and we could leave. HA So we smashed a few pennies , and i got a 2 Henna Tatoos by some 12 year old with a shaky hand. (My mom says this are "gross")


Keva said...

Keva and I had this same discovery a few years ago. It' s the first sign you're getting old, Laura. I once was able to ride the same roller coaster over and over and then go eat a corn dog. ain't that type of party, sister.


grizaham said...

Yeah, those rides were major bunk but i had a great time with you!

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