Monday, July 23, 2007

No More Haircuts Mama!

Today, was a very interesting day in Dogland. Stevie & I decided to take the dogs in for a hair appointment so that they would be super sharp when they see uncle Lulu on Wed. I have not had them groomed in quite some time! Mostly because Flossie is like a 10lb bag of attitude wrapped in fur, and I knew it would be disastrous. Must have been my muggle mom intuition because it was a full on circus. Thank Goodness Stevie was with me! Ralphie figured out about half way there where we were goin and went to shaking. As soon as we walk in the door to Petsmart Flossie starts howling and barking and growling incredibly loud for such a small creature and she definitely got EVERYONE in the stores attention. We finally get in the grooming room where ralphie couches and shakes in the corner and Flossie tries to eat up every dog in there, who, incidentally were all literally 10 times her size. (she was still barking and growling as well) The attendant (who was super non friendly, and made not ONE comment on cute and precious my dog children are) told me to buy her a muzzle , and that the next time i bring her in looking like that they would shave her. I mean... WHATEVER , I take better care of her hair than my own!!
Stevie was so upset about leaving them there, because he had never seen them carrying on like that. He said he was scared Ralphie would think he was a bad person. I told him he could buy them a surprise when we picked them up and that they would be sooo glad to see him that they would forget about the drama. He chose 2 kind of tie dyed balls which have been a huge hit. Ralphie is the next David Beckham! I have a video which i will be posting shortly to show off his skills, but I had to tell all this story to explain the pictures below. They are of the heinous afro they gave ralphie and Floss's 1st Haircut!! Also a pic of Ralphie passed out on the couch from the pure mental and emotional exhaustion he had been through today!

This is seriously how he was sleeping. I didnt pose him... He is just that dramatic

Oh, and Speaking of Haircuts.. ha Matt I have to tell you here , b/c I am too embarrassed to say it to your face, but I got bored in the car when Erik and I were coming home from Ky and I cut myself some Nicole Ritchie bangs...well they were supposed to be Nicole Ritchie bangs... HA and they are "Major" let me tell you!!

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grizaham said...

Those dogs have great hair snugs but they are very badly behaved if with anyone but you! :)

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