Monday, July 30, 2007

The Georgia Aquarium

While in ATL Erik & I finally visited the Georgia Aquarium and that place is totally amazing! VERY CROWDED (which makes it hard to see displays or walk) but very beautiful and cool. They also have a download-able narration for your Ipod, but we didnt know about this ahead of time. DANG! I recommend not getting there before your "entrance time" and I also highly recommend the 4D theatre experience. We had bubbles fall on us and jellyfish tentacles tickle our face etc.. while watching the film in 3d. How cool are we wearing 3D shades over our real glasses! HA


grizaham said...

Yeah that 4D thing was very sweet! ANd we got sprinkled with water!

Queen Bee said...

The GA aquarium is so neat!!! We went in December right after it opened and loved it! My brother-in-law was one of the many engineers that worked on it and he took us and told us all about everything that he built!!!

Queen Bee said...

btw...queen bee is nikki! i have this name for my school blog!

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