Monday, July 2, 2007

Exciting Weekend and Apple Iphone

Well, we have been quite busy these past few days! Erik had a few off days in a row and he used those to be very productive! We borrowed a pressure washer from Sandra and he has pressures washed almost everything HA. The sidewalk, porch, deck etc.. Little Stevie thought we got a new sidewalk.. he noticed it immediately. You can see the before and after in the pictures below.. most everything was green with pollen.

Great job Erik!!!!! Then, something really unexpected yet very exciting happened! We were running errands and I suggested we get some iphones to sell on ebay.. i was thinking they would be like the Wii... well I went to the mall and stood in a VERY long line that was wrapped all around the mall for several hours! Which sounds boring, but it was actually quite exciting. Everyone there was So excited for the phones to go on sale since it is the MOST ADVANCED phone EVER. Well the store opened at 6 and when it turned 6 everyone started yelling and cheering. All the employees came running out of the store and ran laps around the mile long line of eager customers and all the while they were screaming and cheering and giving everyone high fives! ha so i did get through the door before they sold out. I was customer # 252. I got 4 phones. My parents drove up saturday evening and spent the night so my dad could get one of the iphones , then as erik and i played with them we decided we really, really needed one too! ha So we have one each and we sold one on ebay. All in all it was really fun. We each have new numbers with (615) area codes so you may need to email us for a new phone number if you dont have it already. We stayed up till 3am playing with our new cool toys! Ya'll know I love gadgets!

We had a great time with my parents in town. We had a cook out and Steven and Lisa came over. It was really fun. The only thing missing was juju. :( Then the next day my dad took Stevie outside and gave him some lessons on his BB Gun. (he has been begging to go shoot guns forever ) My dad is the perfect person to teach him such things . He is as good with guns as most Americans are with a fork.

By the way

He is making his big debut on THE OUTDOORS CHANNEL soon. I will post later the date and time but he is on a turkey hunt .. its pretty cool except he is wearing 3D camoflauge outfit that makes him look like he is about 100lbs heavier than he is in real life! HA

Sunday night we attended a cookout for Sean E Bugs 30th Birthday in Anderson Land! It was very fun.

So there you have it. Our weekend in a nutshell! Oh and this is Sean's 92 yr old Rocket scientist grandpa from Germany. They call him Opa. He is really cute and sweet!


grizaham said...

great blog babe! it was a pretty fun 4 day stretch!

Keva said...

Hey Laura, It's Trevor.

I can't believe you got 4 iPhones. What in the world???

Very weird that you move to the Nashville area right when I move away. I heard you were coming so I quickly made plans to leave. ;)

Check out Keva's blog if you haven't already. We keep up with your blog, so keep up the good work.

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