Monday, July 23, 2007

Brentwood Library Booksale MADNESS!!

My mother loves a book like I love a handbag and she has been telling me to take Stevie to the Brentwood Library cause she has seen their cool website. Well after much proding she finally got me to go check out their used "book" sale! Ha well that place is like a palace. For sure the coolest library I have ever been to and i got LOTS of fun books and even found a Pearl Jam CD for Erik. SO basically if I know you, you got a book! ha I got some great books on Online Businesses, Travel, & doggles!

And In other news, Erik is the proud new owner of a pellet gun. He has been using Stevie's BB Gun to terrorize the squirrels and birds in the yard, but it wasnt shooting far enough for him, so he sent me after a Pellet Gun with a Scope! This is what he does every morning when he gets home from work for about 30 minutes! (thanks dad! ha)

1 comment:

grizaham said...

I will get me a squirrel!

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