Thursday, July 12, 2007

American Idols LIVE !!

Last Night, Erik and I went to see the American Idols Live Tour! It was here in Nashville and it was pretty awesome. Should we be ashamed that we were sitting amongst a sea of 11 year olds? Ha yeah, probably... but instead we bought glowies and cotton candy and rocked it right out with all the kids. Right when we first got there, We met Sanjaya's mom. Most of you guys know that I loved him because I thought he was the next Michael Jackson (erik HATED him! ) so he was not so into me yelling across the room "Hey Sanjaya's mom come take a pic with us!" he was even less thrilled to see that he was gonna be in the pic! ha but she was super sweet and actually chatted us up for a while.

Then the show started and they were all great. They have pretty interesting wardrobe! It was good to see Gina the rocker again, I always liked her as well! and Chris the guy with the curly hair. They all sounded very good and looked very professional. It was impressive. They were also very into the show and spent time singing to every angle of the stage and looked happy to be there. Melinda Dolittle sounded awesome in person. I was never a fan of her on the show but she was impressive to hear in person and very powerful. She also got some extensions that helped her out with that neck thing.
Check out the pictures below and Enjoy! I recommend any AI lovers to go to a live show! It was super fun!! Now this weekend we are off to KY to see the Police. Bro is in charge of our furry rat pack! Good Luck Bro!

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Dude that squirrel at satco was not cool! The show pretty cool!

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