Friday, June 8, 2007

While Mamma's Away...

the doggles will play! and cause all kinds of mischief. I left Erik in charge yesterday while I ran to the store and he called me to come home after about an hour, saying "MY" dogs had made a mess .. (they are "my" dogs when they do something bad or need to go out, and they are "our dogs" when they are being cute and snuggly) HA
So, see below at the beautiful wintry scene they created:

I also received my POWERSELLER status from eBay this week and as a result got ebay business cards! Don't forget that I put a link in the right margin to my ebay store so you guys can see what all I have up for sale.


grizaham said...

Nice card babe! Those are some cute dogs that i have!

JillPulfrey said...

Oh my gosh!! I think Ralphie, Flossie, and Jack could possibly become best friends. Jack's favorite two things in the whole world are toilet paper and panties!!! Although, he gets pretty wreckless with some TP!!! Too cute!

Susannah said...

Awwww, Christmas at the Griza's!

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