Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekly News and Such

I dont dare use the words Weekly "announcements" after last time (when everyone thought I was announcing a pregnancy! ) YIKES ha ha
Anyway, We are back from our trip! We had a great time, got some much needed sun, and made many , many an inventory stop. Bless my dear husband.He was a great sport through all my shopping. He even let me snazz up his wardrobe a bit at the Outlets in Foley. Erik buys clothes about once every 5 years so I was super excited about this.
I picked my Dog children up today (thanks Uncle Louie!!) and I was so glad to see them I about cried! Floss was not that excited to see me but Ralphie couldnt get enough of me!

So a few things.....

I fixed my eBay auctions link. It is now at the VERY BOTTOM of this blog, its a constant feed for all my current auctions. Feel free to browse ( and buy!!). I am thinking over names and logos for my business. All suggestions are welcome! I ordered a tag gun today and I feel like that makes me an official part of the retail world!
Also I have finally fixed the link to our Calendar! Check it out in the right margin. >>

We are super proud of Linda S. for quitting smoking! Hooray for Linda! I NEVER thought I would see the day! Who will be watching over the SSW parking lot now?

There is a new edition to the Graham Family today! Uncle Louie's daughter Ashley ( whom I have yet to meet, and hope she doesn't think I am a total psycho for reporting her babies birth! ha) had a baby boy on June 19th. His name is Gavin and he is 6lbs 2 oz. Congrats! He is super snuggly cute!

My Hairdresser (and also very close friend) Matt Hill just started at his new Salon, MOP in Homewood. Its awesome and super cute! I went in before our beach trip to try it all out and loved the whole experience. If you love a great hair cut/color and a personal experience this is the place for you!
1741 Reese Street

Congrats to Matt & Melisa!

Flossie Bossy is ENGAGED!
She has a man all lined up for her in Birmingham, Al. His name is Tucker, he is about 4lbs and likes to dress up in Halloween Costumes! He likes long walks in the park, doesnt smoke or drink, and has a great job as a security guard for his moms house. (which he will need if he wants to keep Floss up in her doggie couture that she is so accustomed to) A true catch! Thanks to Jessidesign for playing match maker. Flossie will surely woo him with her soft fur and fiesty attitude! HA
Meet Tucker:


grizaham said...

So is FlossBoss really going to mate with this Tucker fellow? Good blog babe!

Kyle said...

See, I thought Ralphie and the Floss were to be a couple? How does Ralphie feel about her carousing?

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