Monday, June 11, 2007

Today has been a great day!!

Well today has been a great day, at least for Ralphie & I! It started when we woke up this morning and took our first tinkle break. Ralphies dreams had finally come true as he got to get up close and personal with a real squirrel, only this squirrel was the first casualty of our ongoing war on moles. I put out some poison peanuts for mole bait, and I guess Mr. Squirrel had a sample, as he was belly up in the yard. oops
Grizas - .05
The Moles - 15 kazillion

My day was made twice! Once when my Tupperware lot I won on eBay was finally delivered. Last year, Erik insisted I got to a neighborhood "tupperware party" that I was invited to. HA Well, I went and was by far the youngest chick there, but I accidentally fell in love with the lady's pantry & cabinet organization! It was amazing.. but then again so were the prices.. .. amazingly HIGH.. so since then i have lusted after these "Modular Mates" and lucky me some man on eBay who lives in TN was selling a warehouse full and I got a GREAT deal!

Then as if that werent exciting enough, Courtney got me a Juicy Bag in San Francisco today! Hooray Courtney!!

PS.. I am aware that probably no one cares about my tupperware other than me,... I feel super old and boring even as I type, but such is the beauty of having your own blog! I can go on and on about what strikes my fancy! ha


grizaham said...

Wow babe! I am very glad that you had a great day! You forgot to mention that you bought me a new phone today too! That is also great! Love you!

Kyle said...

L.C.G., I understand your tuppeware excitement, for I remember when we were roomies the cluster of plastic beneath the counter. We have a smart spin and it has made the organization wonderous. Congrats on the plastic, and thanks for getting my boy a new toy.

Susannah said...

Don't be ashamed-we are not old-just organized! I am proud of your OCD girl!

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