Saturday, June 9, 2007

Taste of India!

Tonight Erik & I ate Indian Food for the 1st time ever! It was really fun. We went to "Sitar" over near Vandy. It was kind of like a mix between chinese and mexican.. (Linz.. dont kill me for saying that!) the atmosphere was much like a chinese restaurant. We tried one of everything I think! We had Indian Beer called "Taj Mahal" & "King Fisher".

We had assorted appetizer plate of Samosa, Pakoras & papadum. This is pretty much like vegetables fried in a weird batter that is kind of like funnel cakes. The bread served before was delish. It was light and crispy and tasty & it came with 3 types of sauce, Plum, Cilantro, and a Tomato & onion salsa type stuff.

Then I ordered Chicken Tandoori for dinner and Erik had Chicken MAKHNI. It was all good (but none as good as your chicken Rohit). Mine was like smoked chicken, Eriks was in a soupy Tomato Curry sauce.

Served with our food was this stuff called Nan Bread and that was really good. It was warm and kind of like pita bread and had a bean dipping sauce.

Then for dessert, we had Firni which as like the Indian version of Creme Brulee! Delish!

Here is the website if anyone wants to check out the menu!

Here is a pic of Erik trying to hide everytime i started taking pictures in the restaurant. He was SO embarrassed! ha He would either hide behind a menu or take out his phone and pretend to be texting.


grizaham said...

Yeah it was pretty good although i would have preferred to have a food that was not involved in a soup. Good times!

Susannah said...

Dude I bet Griza had some massive dia....Chicken tandoori rocks-it's easy to make at home-email me for a recipe.

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