Monday, June 18, 2007

SSW Beach Trip

Well, we left for Birmingham on Thursday and stayed with Marshall & Sarah. We had dinner at the Melting Pot that night which is a Fondue Restaurant (and we give it stars, will have to blog about that later), but the trip was off to a rocky start as I realized that I left the camera on the table during dinner. We had to stop at Wal-mart around 6am on Friday and buy a cheapie... and let me just say that no matter how sleep you think you are at 6am , you are STILL more awake and alert that the employees of the Alabaster Wal-mart. HA
So we arrived in Orange Beach around noon on Friday. Before checking into our hotel we had to stop and get me a float. As is the yearly tradition I like to get the biggest, most obnoxious float. Our engagement trip I had "Ray" the stingray, but he is currently vacationing in the back of our storage unit in Bham, so this year we got "Turt" the turtle. He was very popular.
Then we checked in to the Perdido Beach Resort with all the Shannon, Strobel & Weaver people. For those of you who dont know, SSW was who I worked for in Auburn for about 5 years. They are like family to me so it was really great to spend the weekend with everyone getting caught up on everyone's lives and seeing how grown their children were.
Friday night we had a scrumptious dinner at Grazzi's with the Duncans. It was a really nice time , except that our waiter had tremors and it made us all so nervous for him when he was passing out food etc. Afterward we came back to the resort for the best Fireworks show I have ever seen!
Saturday morning Erik left for Deep Sea Fishing at 5am. He had a great time and caught some Red Snapper. Saturday night we had dinner with everyone at Zeke's and I had some delicious Royal Reds. We had big plans if hitting up the Flora-Bama afterward but the plan quickly faded as everyone was so full and worn out. HA
While in the Elevator on Saturday, I must have met the 70yr old equivalent of myself because she hopped right on that elevator and went on and on about what a great float Turt was. She also asked what his name was (as if there were no doubt he was named!) ha and then she told Erik that he was "gentle-manly & Scholarly".. so she was pretty perceptive in that 30 sec elevator ride!
Here are some pics!


Kyle said...

Looks like your trip was magnificent! Looks like the Mrs. and I will have to make a trip down there soon!

Tonya said...

It was so great to see yall this weekend! Love yall! :-)

grizaham said...

Sucks that we are back! Such a good time at beach babe!

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