Sunday, June 3, 2007

Our Sweet Escape - Indianapolis, IN

We started out for Indiana on Saturday morning. We made 2 inventory stops in Kentucky that were very successful! Around 6pm we arrived at our Hotel. The concert started at 8 at the Verizon Amphitheatre. People in Indiana are funny. They are very nice, which is unexpected and was quite refreshing! They are also really into their tennis shoes and everyone was wearing interesting Tennis Shoes there.
Gwen Stefani is awesome in concert. I have never been like a huge fan of hers but now that I have seen her live, I have changed my mind! ha There were 23,000 people there and AKON (who i have loved forever!) and Lady Sovereign opened up for her. Everyone was on time and really gave 100% to their performance. It was amazing really! Of coarse Erik, Courtney & I all had glowie jewelry!
Afterward we went to the Steak N Shake which Erik swore was the Northern equivalent to The Waffle House, but I am here to tell you it was soooo Not on the Waffle House Level! ha
Then Sunday we went to the Indianapolis Zoo. That was the most crowded zoo experience we have ever had! It was a nice zoo, the Baboon area was my favorite exhibit. They had this really cool 3D simulator ride thing that you could wear 3D Glasses in and the seats moved and shook and all to go along with the film we were watching about Dinosaurs. Very awesome! We also did some serious Penny Smashing!
I think we shall definitely go back to Indianapolis again one day!


Julie said...

There is a Steak n' Shake in Nashville! Ha. Erik is weird

Erik said...

I made a mistake! Steak N Shake is not that tasty! haha

Susannah said...

LAURA-remember when we were driving back from Fort Myers and you were DYING OF HUNGER and we stopped at Steak and Hane? Your sandwich was 2" deep in oil-it was foul! I can't believe you didn't remember that-and by the way, what did you smoke that made your hubbie drive to Indy?

The Griza Fam said...

Oh Sus.. I love how you are always saying inappropriate things in public.. HA anyways, YES i remember that trip and i protested madly but Erik insisted we go anyway and it was JUST AS HANE!! Ha
It was Erik's idea to go to Indy.. it wasnt but a 4 hour drive! shorter than goin to the AU hook.

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