Friday, June 22, 2007

Flea Market Friday and Mad Mail!

Oh... Today started out Ok but it went downhill pretty fast! First thing this morning, Stevie and I decided we would hit up the Flea Market! I LOVE the Flea Market here, which I think stems back to when I was young and would go visit who I think (?) was my great uncle Floyd. All I remember is he was fat with like 4 poodles and sold boiled peanuts and I had FUN when my dad took me there! So to this day I love boiled peanuts and Flea Markets! HA
SO Stevie wanted to go see all the puppies in the puppy barn (which is where Floss hails from. We get out there about lunch time and got a great parking spot. The first thing that catches his attention is a necklace with a dog tag that has a wrestler printed on it! The only things he wanted to buy however, were marbles, a drink, and homemade tea cakes! He tickled me b/c the marble man liked him and ended up giving him 2 free marbles ( a deal!) and Stevie, confused, comes whispering to me saying... "he's trying to give me 6 marbles instead of 4 for $1 "! I was like oh dearest Stevie, the first very important lesson of the Flea Market is haggling and getting more than the price implies! ha Thanks Marble man for that important life lesson!
He also really enjoyed the fact that the flea market buildings have the perfect concrete for practicing his wheely shoes.
Pictures of our great purchases below..

Then after such a fun, yet hot and exhausting morning, we come home to get the mail and you wont even believe what i got. RAHHHHHHHHHH See, up here in Tennessee , they have more advanced technology at the DMV/DOT, which I used to think was cool ...before today. I had an envelope address to ME from the State... which I knew couldn't be good.. but wasn't sure what it could be.. well , apparently , tech savy Tennessee has secret cameras and one caught me turning right on red without the complete stop! UGH i have not gotten any kind of ticket since my freshman year of college (which I now consider my real drivers Ed course). This is so disturbing to think that you can just be driving all over the creation and never knowing that a month or 2 later you get slapped with the surprise mail bomb ticket... blehk.. so much worse than the old fashioned blue lights and all. Atleast when you get pulled over you know right away what you did and you (usually) stop doing it from that point on.. well in this case I have probably turned right on red (with or without the 2 second full stop) a kazillion times since my citation was recorded! It was complete with action shots of my car and all. Check it out:
I guess the good news is , it was only $50. (yes father, i know this still will not be good for our insurance.. you taught me well).

Moving along.... My good friend from college, Brooke Haney, is living in NYC these days and has decided to run a marathon. I asked her if she had lost her mind, b/c voluntarily running much less, for "fun" has never really been our thing. She said no, she is doing this to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research &
in memory of her father who passed away in June of 2005. I am super proud of her and demand that you all donate to her fund! (specifically all you rich grownups!..i.e. over 40) She needs at least $1000 more to reach her goal so ya'll get busy and show some love. Don't be Stingy!
Click this button to donate now, before you forget!!


grizaham said...

I wish i could run with someone in a marathon! Well, maybe a half marathon. That would be fun!

grizaham said...

Oh yeah, Great loot babe! Thanks for the bottles!

Kyle said...

I also had no idea that the great state of TN was this high tech. You'll also have to let us know when the flea markets are so that you and Caro can go one weekend while the Griza and I play golf!

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