Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Melting Pot gets 5 Stars!!

While in Birmingham visiting with Marshall & Sarah a few weeks ago, we had dinner at the new Melting Pot Restaurant in Lee Branch. There is one here in Nashville as well which I have heard great things about so I was very curious to try it and BOY did we love it.
They give you SO many options to try, but we got some sort of sampler kit type thing and if you have never been to a Fondue restaurant- this is how it works:
Each person has their own set of metal sticks which are color coded! I was PINK Erik was Blue, Marshall was Brown and Sarah was Green :) There is a burner on the table and the waiter makes the fondue of your choice right there.

First course you choose a cheese combo fondue. We chose a cheddar swiss combo and you dip bread pieces or raw veggies into the cheese. Erik LOVES cheese so he was pretty excited about this. I was just glad he didnt lick the bowl when we were done!

Next you have a salad. Then the meat platter of your choice. We got kind of a combo platter with chicken, steak, shrimp, lobster, Tuna etc... and you get to choose your own cooking broth.. I forget what we chose but the waiter makes it at the table and you use your skewers to cook each of your raw meat pieces and eat them as you go.

The last part is the best part! DESSERT. Now this is a MUST. If you arent really looking to invest in your dinner then you should eat elsewhere and come here for dessert only.
We chose a smores dessert! The pot came out and the guy melted chocolate in it, then had some marshmellow in top that he lit on fire and toasted , then he sprinkled crumbled Graham crackers in it. Each couple had a plate if things to dip in this delicious concoction. The plate had on it pineapple, strawberries,bananas, cheesecake, brownies, marshmallows coated in oreos,& marshmellows coated in graham cracker. DELISH...

Not only was the food good, but the atmosphere, service and whole experience was pretty ideal. I highly recommend this place! I mean seriously... its really neat so GO ! ha

Friday, June 22, 2007

Flea Market Friday and Mad Mail!

Oh... Today started out Ok but it went downhill pretty fast! First thing this morning, Stevie and I decided we would hit up the Flea Market! I LOVE the Flea Market here, which I think stems back to when I was young and would go visit who I think (?) was my great uncle Floyd. All I remember is he was fat with like 4 poodles and sold boiled peanuts and I had FUN when my dad took me there! So to this day I love boiled peanuts and Flea Markets! HA
SO Stevie wanted to go see all the puppies in the puppy barn (which is where Floss hails from. We get out there about lunch time and got a great parking spot. The first thing that catches his attention is a necklace with a dog tag that has a wrestler printed on it! The only things he wanted to buy however, were marbles, a drink, and homemade tea cakes! He tickled me b/c the marble man liked him and ended up giving him 2 free marbles ( a deal!) and Stevie, confused, comes whispering to me saying... "he's trying to give me 6 marbles instead of 4 for $1 "! I was like oh dearest Stevie, the first very important lesson of the Flea Market is haggling and getting more than the price implies! ha Thanks Marble man for that important life lesson!
He also really enjoyed the fact that the flea market buildings have the perfect concrete for practicing his wheely shoes.
Pictures of our great purchases below..

Then after such a fun, yet hot and exhausting morning, we come home to get the mail and you wont even believe what i got. RAHHHHHHHHHH See, up here in Tennessee , they have more advanced technology at the DMV/DOT, which I used to think was cool ...before today. I had an envelope address to ME from the State... which I knew couldn't be good.. but wasn't sure what it could be.. well , apparently , tech savy Tennessee has secret cameras and one caught me turning right on red without the complete stop! UGH i have not gotten any kind of ticket since my freshman year of college (which I now consider my real drivers Ed course). This is so disturbing to think that you can just be driving all over the creation and never knowing that a month or 2 later you get slapped with the surprise mail bomb ticket... blehk.. so much worse than the old fashioned blue lights and all. Atleast when you get pulled over you know right away what you did and you (usually) stop doing it from that point on.. well in this case I have probably turned right on red (with or without the 2 second full stop) a kazillion times since my citation was recorded! It was complete with action shots of my car and all. Check it out:
I guess the good news is , it was only $50. (yes father, i know this still will not be good for our insurance.. you taught me well).

Moving along.... My good friend from college, Brooke Haney, is living in NYC these days and has decided to run a marathon. I asked her if she had lost her mind, b/c voluntarily running much less, for "fun" has never really been our thing. She said no, she is doing this to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research &
in memory of her father who passed away in June of 2005. I am super proud of her and demand that you all donate to her fund! (specifically all you rich grownups!..i.e. over 40) She needs at least $1000 more to reach her goal so ya'll get busy and show some love. Don't be Stingy!
Click this button to donate now, before you forget!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekly News and Such

I dont dare use the words Weekly "announcements" after last time (when everyone thought I was announcing a pregnancy! ) YIKES ha ha
Anyway, We are back from our trip! We had a great time, got some much needed sun, and made many , many an inventory stop. Bless my dear husband.He was a great sport through all my shopping. He even let me snazz up his wardrobe a bit at the Outlets in Foley. Erik buys clothes about once every 5 years so I was super excited about this.
I picked my Dog children up today (thanks Uncle Louie!!) and I was so glad to see them I about cried! Floss was not that excited to see me but Ralphie couldnt get enough of me!

So a few things.....

I fixed my eBay auctions link. It is now at the VERY BOTTOM of this blog, its a constant feed for all my current auctions. Feel free to browse ( and buy!!). I am thinking over names and logos for my business. All suggestions are welcome! I ordered a tag gun today and I feel like that makes me an official part of the retail world!
Also I have finally fixed the link to our Calendar! Check it out in the right margin. >>

We are super proud of Linda S. for quitting smoking! Hooray for Linda! I NEVER thought I would see the day! Who will be watching over the SSW parking lot now?

There is a new edition to the Graham Family today! Uncle Louie's daughter Ashley ( whom I have yet to meet, and hope she doesn't think I am a total psycho for reporting her babies birth! ha) had a baby boy on June 19th. His name is Gavin and he is 6lbs 2 oz. Congrats! He is super snuggly cute!

My Hairdresser (and also very close friend) Matt Hill just started at his new Salon, MOP in Homewood. Its awesome and super cute! I went in before our beach trip to try it all out and loved the whole experience. If you love a great hair cut/color and a personal experience this is the place for you!
1741 Reese Street

Congrats to Matt & Melisa!

Flossie Bossy is ENGAGED!
She has a man all lined up for her in Birmingham, Al. His name is Tucker, he is about 4lbs and likes to dress up in Halloween Costumes! He likes long walks in the park, doesnt smoke or drink, and has a great job as a security guard for his moms house. (which he will need if he wants to keep Floss up in her doggie couture that she is so accustomed to) A true catch! Thanks to Jessidesign for playing match maker. Flossie will surely woo him with her soft fur and fiesty attitude! HA
Meet Tucker:

Monday, June 18, 2007

SSW Beach Trip

Well, we left for Birmingham on Thursday and stayed with Marshall & Sarah. We had dinner at the Melting Pot that night which is a Fondue Restaurant (and we give it stars, will have to blog about that later), but the trip was off to a rocky start as I realized that I left the camera on the table during dinner. We had to stop at Wal-mart around 6am on Friday and buy a cheapie... and let me just say that no matter how sleep you think you are at 6am , you are STILL more awake and alert that the employees of the Alabaster Wal-mart. HA
So we arrived in Orange Beach around noon on Friday. Before checking into our hotel we had to stop and get me a float. As is the yearly tradition I like to get the biggest, most obnoxious float. Our engagement trip I had "Ray" the stingray, but he is currently vacationing in the back of our storage unit in Bham, so this year we got "Turt" the turtle. He was very popular.
Then we checked in to the Perdido Beach Resort with all the Shannon, Strobel & Weaver people. For those of you who dont know, SSW was who I worked for in Auburn for about 5 years. They are like family to me so it was really great to spend the weekend with everyone getting caught up on everyone's lives and seeing how grown their children were.
Friday night we had a scrumptious dinner at Grazzi's with the Duncans. It was a really nice time , except that our waiter had tremors and it made us all so nervous for him when he was passing out food etc. Afterward we came back to the resort for the best Fireworks show I have ever seen!
Saturday morning Erik left for Deep Sea Fishing at 5am. He had a great time and caught some Red Snapper. Saturday night we had dinner with everyone at Zeke's and I had some delicious Royal Reds. We had big plans if hitting up the Flora-Bama afterward but the plan quickly faded as everyone was so full and worn out. HA
While in the Elevator on Saturday, I must have met the 70yr old equivalent of myself because she hopped right on that elevator and went on and on about what a great float Turt was. She also asked what his name was (as if there were no doubt he was named!) ha and then she told Erik that he was "gentle-manly & Scholarly".. so she was pretty perceptive in that 30 sec elevator ride!
Here are some pics!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Beach is Calling!

Tomorrow the dog children will be going to visit Uncle Louie for a few days, as Erik and I are going to Orange Beach, AL. Uncle Louie, - I sure hope you have a lot of Toilet Paper as you can see its one of Floss's favorite things .. HA My former employer (SSW in Auburn) has invited Erik & I to join them in the annual company beach trip and we are SO excited. Erik will be going Deep Sea Fishing on the guys excursion Saturday. He is pretty pumped/nervous about that! ha Also , he wanted me to let everyone know that he FINALLY will be getting a new cell phone. No more dropped calls or missed calls etc.. I ordered him a new one this week and it should be here any day now.

I dont know if you guys remember from this winter but I met Kellie Pickler at a Pred's game. She was super cute and super nice. Word on the street was that she was dating one of the more notorious players Jordin TooToo... well she has finally confirmed this on today. See the link below for the article. (Good Lookin Out Liz),,20042185,00.html

Today I got a great email from eBay which I will paste below. My eBay business has really done well, better each month. Memorial Day sales were pretty slow, but they are picking back up again. I now have some Juicy Beach Bags , Diaper Bags & purses in!!

Dear mrsgriza, Congratulations! You've been on a super sales streak and since you've done so well, it's time to recognize your efforts. Your PowerSeller membership has been upgraded to Silver! As a Silver PowerSeller, you now have direct access to eBay representatives through a special hotline number (866) 515-3229. Share your questions, concerns and insights--call any time during business hours: 6AM - 6PM PST, Monday - Friday. You can also use PowerSeller priority email support--24 hours a day, 7 days a week--through the Web form on your PowerSeller portal page.

yadda, yadda, yadda
Again, congratulations and best wishes for your continued success!
Sincerely, eBay PowerSeller Team

Last night, I got a call from my best buddy at the Preds Game. Calen Gipson, who is quite possibly the coolest 4 year old I know! He is also VERY knowledgeable on hockey. Calen invited me to his Tball game & wants everyone to know he is #7!! ha ( He is the cute one on the right)

Anyway, We shall be back on Tuesday from Orange Beach and will post some pics for everyone!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Today has been a great day!!

Well today has been a great day, at least for Ralphie & I! It started when we woke up this morning and took our first tinkle break. Ralphies dreams had finally come true as he got to get up close and personal with a real squirrel, only this squirrel was the first casualty of our ongoing war on moles. I put out some poison peanuts for mole bait, and I guess Mr. Squirrel had a sample, as he was belly up in the yard. oops
Grizas - .05
The Moles - 15 kazillion

My day was made twice! Once when my Tupperware lot I won on eBay was finally delivered. Last year, Erik insisted I got to a neighborhood "tupperware party" that I was invited to. HA Well, I went and was by far the youngest chick there, but I accidentally fell in love with the lady's pantry & cabinet organization! It was amazing.. but then again so were the prices.. .. amazingly HIGH.. so since then i have lusted after these "Modular Mates" and lucky me some man on eBay who lives in TN was selling a warehouse full and I got a GREAT deal!

Then as if that werent exciting enough, Courtney got me a Juicy Bag in San Francisco today! Hooray Courtney!!

PS.. I am aware that probably no one cares about my tupperware other than me,... I feel super old and boring even as I type, but such is the beauty of having your own blog! I can go on and on about what strikes my fancy! ha

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Taste of India!

Tonight Erik & I ate Indian Food for the 1st time ever! It was really fun. We went to "Sitar" over near Vandy. It was kind of like a mix between chinese and mexican.. (Linz.. dont kill me for saying that!) the atmosphere was much like a chinese restaurant. We tried one of everything I think! We had Indian Beer called "Taj Mahal" & "King Fisher".

We had assorted appetizer plate of Samosa, Pakoras & papadum. This is pretty much like vegetables fried in a weird batter that is kind of like funnel cakes. The bread served before was delish. It was light and crispy and tasty & it came with 3 types of sauce, Plum, Cilantro, and a Tomato & onion salsa type stuff.

Then I ordered Chicken Tandoori for dinner and Erik had Chicken MAKHNI. It was all good (but none as good as your chicken Rohit). Mine was like smoked chicken, Eriks was in a soupy Tomato Curry sauce.

Served with our food was this stuff called Nan Bread and that was really good. It was warm and kind of like pita bread and had a bean dipping sauce.

Then for dessert, we had Firni which as like the Indian version of Creme Brulee! Delish!

Here is the website if anyone wants to check out the menu!

Here is a pic of Erik trying to hide everytime i started taking pictures in the restaurant. He was SO embarrassed! ha He would either hide behind a menu or take out his phone and pretend to be texting.

Friday, June 8, 2007

While Mamma's Away...

the doggles will play! and cause all kinds of mischief. I left Erik in charge yesterday while I ran to the store and he called me to come home after about an hour, saying "MY" dogs had made a mess .. (they are "my" dogs when they do something bad or need to go out, and they are "our dogs" when they are being cute and snuggly) HA
So, see below at the beautiful wintry scene they created:

I also received my POWERSELLER status from eBay this week and as a result got ebay business cards! Don't forget that I put a link in the right margin to my ebay store so you guys can see what all I have up for sale.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How to Subscribe to this Blog!

Some of you guys have asked me how to subscribe to our blog so it will notify you by email when we update it or add things. I think I have the solution (thanks Kev)

Enter your Email

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Also , Any of you who feel compelled... Please go online and sign the petition to keep the PREDS Hockey Team in Nashville! Ya'll know how we love Hockey!! Its a big deal so take a sec and sign it. Thanks

(this message brought to you by Grum Graham)

Please sign the petition to let Mr. Balsille know that we want the Preds to stay in Nashville.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stevie's 10th Birthday!

Stevie turned 10 today and we celebrated this glorious day at the Brentwood Skate Center. He had a Pirates of the Carribbean themed party with a triple chocolate cake. His Mom, Stepfather, 2 brothers, 1 sister , grandmother, Father, Teacher, Friends J.K. & Zachery, as well as Erik & I. We Skated for about 4 hours! And if you cant remember... Skating is HARD work! ha But we had a good time and he got some good presents. Check them out in the Slideshow below!

In other news, little Flossie lost a tooth today! Hooray
And Erik has some new reading material.. let the mole wars begin!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Our Sweet Escape - Indianapolis, IN

We started out for Indiana on Saturday morning. We made 2 inventory stops in Kentucky that were very successful! Around 6pm we arrived at our Hotel. The concert started at 8 at the Verizon Amphitheatre. People in Indiana are funny. They are very nice, which is unexpected and was quite refreshing! They are also really into their tennis shoes and everyone was wearing interesting Tennis Shoes there.
Gwen Stefani is awesome in concert. I have never been like a huge fan of hers but now that I have seen her live, I have changed my mind! ha There were 23,000 people there and AKON (who i have loved forever!) and Lady Sovereign opened up for her. Everyone was on time and really gave 100% to their performance. It was amazing really! Of coarse Erik, Courtney & I all had glowie jewelry!
Afterward we went to the Steak N Shake which Erik swore was the Northern equivalent to The Waffle House, but I am here to tell you it was soooo Not on the Waffle House Level! ha
Then Sunday we went to the Indianapolis Zoo. That was the most crowded zoo experience we have ever had! It was a nice zoo, the Baboon area was my favorite exhibit. They had this really cool 3D simulator ride thing that you could wear 3D Glasses in and the seats moved and shook and all to go along with the film we were watching about Dinosaurs. Very awesome! We also did some serious Penny Smashing!
I think we shall definitely go back to Indianapolis again one day!

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